Jeylin Corporation
Jeylin Corporation is a Taiwan based manufacturer of memory modules and other computer components since 1994. National corporate tax number is 89623682.
Our office is located at the bustling city of Taipei on the beautiful island of Taiwan some 130 kilometers off the coast of Eastern China.
We started off back in 1994 as a trading firm doing computer components such as CPU, hard drives, CD ROMs,and of course memory modules.
Eventually we dropped off other products and focused on our main product; memory modules in latter part of 1990s.
At the time we offered variety of major international branded memory modules such as Samsung, Hynix, Micron, Elpida, Spectek, Nanya, etc.
At the turn of 21 century we had begun to conduct OEM works for a number of customized OEM brands as according to customers' requirements.
Up to this very day we are still conducting OEM production works for a number of OEM clients around the world and we cherish our mutual close relationship.
In the year of 2005 we released our very own brand of Zeppelin. This is an up-scale top of the line memory module made from the finest components in Taiwan such as golden PCB and A-Graded chips. Thereafter,Zeppelin memory modules have become the mainstay of Jeylin Corporation with Zeppelin distributors around the world.
The consistent policy of Jeylin Corporation has always been to provide the market with reliable quality products at competitive prices and backed by an impeccable after-sale service. Its quality-price-service that counts and we stubbornly abide to this long time commitment of ours. On top of that, being an honest and reliable company is what we strive to up-hold, nothing will ever change that. Welcome to our world and we hope you will be a long term partner of ours. Click on and enjoy.
Our Address:
6Fl, No.328 Chang Chun Road.
Taipei 10487, Taiwan